Thursday, June 07, 2007

Islamic London

Time Out recently did an article on how London would benefit from becoming "Islamic."

London population is currently around seven million and growing, take on the Muslim population (1.5-2million) and round it up a little it will give you; every fifth person in London is Muslim. (How cool is that?)

Well, it's nothing to boast about. [Overt] Islamophobia is on the rise and so are Muslim activists (or radicals would be the wider perception) and it just feeds into the "clash of civilisations" ideology that the media likes perpetrating. The comments from the article alone would make you want to wish the article was not written. I am always taken back as how racist people tend to be on online blogs.

Mayor's Office
On a lighter note, do think these pictures are rather pretty!

Update: Debate on the subject with Michael Hodges (the author of the article) on [Video: Londinstan - Is London's Future Islamic?]


Aquila said...


who wouldn't love that'd be nice...but i dont mind the way it is now. I believe that every race, religion should learn to live with each other. One dominating over the other sucks.

anyways, i discivered your blog today...and masha'allah its awesome! I shall visit soon insha'allah.


James Sharrock said...

I agree - cool pics. Personally I think London would benefit from becoming more Nepali (which is not the same as becoming more Hindu!)...

Fugstar said...

millenium dome would make a neat masjid.

Purple said...

I agree! Forget the Mega-Mosque, we have it already! Maybe dot a few minarets around it :idea:

We should buy it, it'll have a good use at last...