Sunday, June 24, 2007

Conference: 250 years of the Battle of Plassey

Brick Lane Circle presents 250 years of the Battle of Plassey Conference
24th June 2007 [11am - 5pm]
"23rd June 2007 will be the 250th year of the Battle of Plassey. This was a decisive day in 1757 when the British achieved victory in Bengal under Robert Clive. It was also the beginning of the British Indian Empire. The events organised by Brick Lane Circle (BLC) will consist of a Poetry Reading session on Saturday 23 June and a one day Conference on Sunday 24 June at the Whitechapel Idea Store followed by an East India Company Walk on Sunday 1 July. The Conference will bring together a number of scholars, researchers and members of the community where the context, impacts and the implications of the Battle of Plassey will be explored."

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James Sharrock said...

Looks very interesting does this...even has some SOAS representation. I like the idea of history walks too.
Look forward to some more blogs posts when u have time!

purple said...

I say you should come down for it! :-D (book your place!)

asif said...

hello again purple,

you may remember me as the wrong stick ender from addafication :). I wasn't lying when I said your blog was interesting. I'm nowhere near London and hope to read your report and impressions of what looks like an amazing event.

Purple said...

Well thanks!! Course I remember you :P

The London Mayor actually hosted another Battle of Plassey Conference on 19th June with Amartya Sen. Missed it. But this will no doubt be even better.

I hope.

( I suggest you fly over for it..)

Sophia Furber said...

This looks really cool - seems like Brick Lane Circle Seminars are really going from strength to strength! I'd have come if i wasn't on my travels