Saturday, July 07, 2007

Guaranteed Fail

I'm currently marking GCSE* Maths papers for Edexcel thinking what is the point, this child will only fail.

Here in the UK, the GCSE Maths papers are categorised into three levels, Higher, Intermediate and Foundation. In the higher paper you can only get grades A*-C; intermediate, B-D and foundation D-G. A GCSE pass is considered C or above. The students that are entered for the foundation paper are those who the teachers feel will get no more than E or F. In most cases the student knows sitting this paper would only mean a worthless grade, if one at all. To sit the foundation paper it is to say to the student you have low potential, academically you are crap and oh yeah, you won't even get a pass grade, mwahahaha. What is the point when this child's failed GCSE Maths won't come to any use?

Well, I am told the maths GCSE tiers are now changing, next year a Maths GCSE student will either be entered for the higher or foundation paper - where the you will be able to get a C grade at most - so there is the potential to pass. But this is next year - 2008.

*GCSE final exams taken at the end of secondary school, aged 15-16. Compulsory for all in England and Wales.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

amar hariye jawa

Arnob again, song from his first album Chaina Bhabish