Sunday, December 23, 2007

Same Same But Different

First came across this phrase in a bollywood song from the film Bombay to Bangkok. The hilarity of bollywood is the songs that they come up with. So in a recent conversation about this to a friend I discovered that 'same same but different' is actually a common phrase used in places like Thailand and hence the adaptation into the song of the movie which is a cross cultural Indian-Thai production.

Further research into the phrase led me to the Urban Dictionary which told me that the phrase is:

Used a lot in Thailand, especially in attempts to sell something but can mean just about anything depending on what the user is trying to achieve.

Q "Is this a real rolex?"
A " Yes Sir, same same but different"

and; Wiki told me that it is Tinglish (or Thainglish):
The imperfect form of English produced by native Thai speakers due to language interference from the first language. Differences from native English include incorrect pronunciation, wrong word choices, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes.
Hence a phrase like 'similar but different in other ways' is translated as 'same same but different.'

Obviously I am not a traveller so this is very new to me but at least I am prepared for when (if) I go to Thailand :)

Aside from Thailand I am also told the phrase in prevalent in places like Cambodia and Malaysia and I'm pretty sure it reaches as far as Bangladesh too...well, it feels like it does given the Tinglish definition...

The film Bombay to Bangkok is released in the new year. I would recommend the film on the basis that the director Nagesh Kukonoor is a very unorthodox bollywood director and the actor Shreyas Talpade is one of the best new upcoming Indian actors (in my humble opinion). You may recognise these two combos from the movies Dor and Iqbal, both of which I highly recommend.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cyber Box

If you like solving puzzles, you will enjoy this. Reminds me of the PS2 game, Practical Intelligence Quotient, of course PQ is much more aesthetically pleasing. Objective is to move the boxes to get to the exit.

Visit link or play here:

Am I blogging about games? :s

Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Rice

Addictive website that donates rice as you play their word game. For every question you get right it donates 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programmes, five questions gets you 100 grains of rice. Currently the amount of rice donated is 7,536,669,470 grains, over seven billion, not sure how much that amounts to physically but you can keep a check of the totals here.

The rice is paid for by the advertisers who appear at the bottom of the screen. Apparently if you see an advert x-many of times it will have a profound effect on you, you may (or will) actually go out and buy their products. I don't think it works on me though but I do seem to be addicted to google -_-

Despite the advertisers, it is actually a good way to enhance your vocabulary, it has a maximum of 50 levels of which I have mastered half.

Here's the link: FreeRice

On a little side note: "The United Nations estimates that the cost to end world hunger completely, along with diseases related to hunger and poverty, is about $195 billion a year. Twenty-two countries have joined together to raise this money by each contributing 0.7% (less than 1%) of national income". Sweden has pledged the highest with 1.03% of its income and the United States, the richest country in the world, with 0.17% - second lowest next to Greece with 0.16%. Click here to see the full list. The Scandinavian countries seem to the most generous when it comes to international aid and they have already reached their goal! As well intended aid is, I have yet to see a system that actually works or would work. International aid is no good for self-development of these countries when it does not come from within? The way I see it, if you can't see the problems within yourself the outside help becomes futile, or rather it fails to reap long-term benefits.