Sunday, March 11, 2007

one word: Southasia

Himal are on a mission to make South Asia, Southasia - an unifying force. I think I may even join in and start writing Southasia without the space.

This is a map to accompany the word change, Southasia with south as its north axis. The world positioned this way looks waaay better (and different) than what we are used to - with the UK and North America on top.

Let's look up to the Southerners for a change...

Click for a lager image


Shak said...

I think that, in the UK at least, the term "Asian" is fine for this job. Asian culture here includes everything in the Indian subcontinent, without the rest of Asia.

purple said...

It does, but then we want to get technical. Southasia = pre1947 India. I guess it would make more sense (and be useful) to historians and researchers of that region.

In the states (North America) and Australia Asians are largely confined to Southeastasians which does not include the people of the Indian subcontinent. (Although sometimes Bangladesh gets put into the Southeast area).

Anyway, think the map is fab. I just need a cheap way of printing it (large) and laminating it. Any ideas?