Sunday, March 04, 2007

Breaking News: "Professor Yunus is an agent of the CIA!"

Who would have thought ey?

Well it is alleged. I am told Mr. Yunus' current role in politics is only to serve the American interest. This stems from the American's persistence in wanting to establish a military base in one of the deshi islands which was previously denied by the Awami League.

Whilst I can believe the Americans most probably want a military base in the bay of Bengal, I'd be surprised they don't have already, they used to have one somewhere during the Pakistan era - my politics is poor, but Mr. Yunus' motive? Should I be swept in with this current conspiracy theory?

I was told this by a AL supporter who, like Hasina, made the issue of the Grameen 40% high-interest rate and that Mr. Yunnus was indeed a man 'who takes bribes, eats interests and is untrustworthy.' Well something like that. It was said in Bengali, can't do translations very well.

The Grameen Bank's high-interest is a cause for concern and interest is just a concern for most Muslims anyway, but the success of Grameen is most probably this high interest - obviously more to this banking system than interest. But leaving interest aside let's follow Mr. Yunus for a bit:

- He was advised last month by the 'religious' lot not to dabble in politics because it was too 'nasty'

- He's been praised by the Bangladeshi Asiatic Society for his current role. In fact it was reported the president of the Society Prof. Emajuddin Ahmed: "hailed Yunus as Bangladesh's hope, inspiration and joy and thanked him for brightening the country's image when it was being dragged into darkness by crime and corruption."

- Mr. Yunnus is currently on a 3-day-visit to Pakistan, he returns on 7th March. He has been invited over the years to provide advice to the Government of Pakistan for the establishment of a sound micro-finance sector in the country. It has resulted in the establishment of a nationwide bank in Pakistan as a replica of the Grameen Bank system, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and legislation for micro-finance operations in that country. (link)

So, Mr. Yunus still very popular in terms if politics and economics. Not fazed by the AL's accusations and seems to carry on with business as normal. Or, if he has retaliated I have clearly not taken any notice. But if he's too busy spreading his micro-finance magic around the world when will he have time for politics...?

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