Sunday, September 09, 2007

Grand Tarawih Congregation

Only a few days till Ramadan* and we begin the fast of 14-hours a day! Look forward to it. I also look forward to this initiative by Ebrahim College of a Grand Tarawih Congregation in Tower Hamlets. Set up for up to 3,000 congregates - this is the largest scale of Tarawih I have heard of...

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*Ramadan will fall on either 12th or 13th September this year according to the sighting of the moon. To find out more about moonsighting click here.


Shak said...

Three thousand doesn't sound like that many to me, and I'd be surprised if it's not been done in the UK before. I've certainly been to a few congregations outside of Ramadaan hitting that figure. How many people attend a regular Jummah prayer at LCM?

But good luck to them anyway. I hope the numbers stay consistent throughout the month too like it does at every other mosque in the UK :)

Anonymous said...

How big is Regent's or ELM?

Fugstar said...

congregates, is that like pomegranate?

purple said...

yes fug.

I know the LMC gets full, wouldn't know the numbers though, but have seen people out on the streets to pray their jummah.

I guess I haven't really heard anyone accommodating this many women, I've never been to jummah where the number of women exceeded 100. Never been to tarawih because out local mosque doesn't do women..

But hope to attend this with the family once at least, will give feedback once I do!