Thursday, April 12, 2007

Following Rupa (Part 1)

A few quick updates on the Labour MP Candidate, Dr. Rupa Huq

- Currently Rupa has been nominated for the British Sociological Association’s Philip Abrams memorial prize for her book Beyond Subculture.

- Rupa has been short listed for the Labour MP candidacy.

So far, four candidates for Labour MP candidacy have been short listed leaving two more vacancies to be filled. Both Rushnara Ali and Lutfur Rahman received 51% of the nomination votes and made it to the next round and since two female contenders were left, both Rupa Huq and Shiria Khatun made it through also to meet the 50% criteria.

The next two contenders will be chosen on 24th April from the list below:

Ayub Korom Ali
Helal Abbas
John Biggs
David Edgar
Abdul Asad
Moti uzzaman
Shirajul Islam

The final six short-listers will then face a third round of votes on 26th April and the final list of Labour candidates will be revealed on 28th April.

Candidates left to right: Ayub Korom Ali, - , - , - , Dr. Rupa Huq, -, John Biggs, -, Rushnara Ali, -


Anonymous said...

Any background info on the other candidates?

Who you rootin for Purp?

purple said...

Well Ayub Korom Ali has his own blog but not very fond of him, I don't or rather can't agree with some things he says and he's not very eloquent in what he says either, plus he does this thing and writes for the New Statesmen. I mean, what's that about?! Rushanara Ali is probably the most prominent of the lot, she'd be a good candidate. Although I know nothing of her views. And the rest I haven't got a clue.

But currently I'm rooting for Rupa, because she writes interesting books...

RUPA said...

Hi Purple, shortlist's been announced - see which links to you and about a squillion other sites that commentate on all this